Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What will my 50th Year Challenge be?

I turn 50 next June.


No, wait, it's a celebration. Beats heck out of the alternative, and all that.

Any suggestions for me on some special personal challenge to celebrate it?

NO 50-mile ultras. Not even a 50K ultra. NO 50 marathons. No five marathons, even. I'm still not even sure I'm going to do ONE marathon in 2007. I'm trying to restructure this little hobby of mine next year so it does NOT involve any training days over 5 hours!! Just maybe a few events over 5 hours.

I'm trying to cut the "this really sucks and it's stupid besides" time down to just a few miles per event. Not like 30 or 40 miles of "this really sucks".

Right now I'm thinking along the lines of:

Fifty 50x25 workouts
Maybe five 50x50
Maybe even one 50x100

Fifty 50km workout rides

Fifty 5k workouts

5 triathlons (probably different distances, though)
5 x 5k road races, each one faster
5 x half marathon
5 cycling centuries

Other ideas for me? I want to get this figured out in the next few weeks so I can get the 2007 calendar blocked out. I need something that really captures my imagination.

Thanks in advance!


Flatman said...


50 prime ribs?

nancytoby said...

I do that every year.

21st Century Mom said...

I'd love to help but I ran a marathon to celebrate 50. You are way far ahead of that plan.

My swim coach is a world class butterfly champ and always swims how ever many years old he is x 50 yds butterfly. I don't recommend that, either.

Maybe you just need to do a 50 miles triathlon with you choosing the distance for each leg. So that's swim 100 yards, bike 50 miles and run to loo when you get off your bike. That works!

Spence said...

Flatman is always so helpful, dontcha think?

Geek Girl said...

This is actually about the blog - I really like your 2005 and 2006 pictures. Mind if I copy that idea?

Tri-Dummy said...

Triathlon 50:
50 laps or lengths (your choice)
50 miles on the bike
50 minute run/walk


momo said...

how about 50 workouts over 50 days of 50 minutes (or more) with 50 friends (in person or virtual)? have each friend commit to one day over the period of 50, and then run/ride/swim/spin/climb/etc. with that person. you'd be doing things you love with people you care about! plus it'd be a nice way to prolong the celebration... :-)

Fe-lady said...

Hmmm...I celebrated 50 by hiking out of the Grand Canyon after spending the night at Havasu Falls. It wasn't a 50 mile hike, but maybe I gained and lost 5,000 vertical feet total? Hell, I don't know! :-)
I was just glad to have joined the ranks of the next age group!
(You have six months yet...what's the hurry!?)

Geek Girl said...

By the way, why no 50K?

nancytoby said...

Because marathons suck bad enough!!!!!!!

Julie B said...

Your attitude, fit self and good looks make the big 5-0 look pretty good there, Nancy! 50 has nothin' on you!