Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Three more sleeps

Race day is three sleeps away! Well, probably 2.5 sleeps, since I'll be staring at the ceiling a lot of Friday night, I'm certain.

I'm glad I'm getting advance reports from people who are already down there, because it just doesn't seem quite real yet!

It will seem real when I start seeing the palm trees (hopefully NOT blowing in heavy winds) and the bikes with disc wheels going whop! whop! whop! as they fly past me.

I fly down tomorrow morning at 6AM.


Wendy said...

Have a safe trip, Nancy -- and enjoy Iron to its fullest!!

lisapete90 said...

Nancy - been following your journey for awhile and I am so excited for you. All the best and good luck!

Holly said...

Wahoo!!!!! You are going to ROCK on Saturday Naninator!

See you at the finish line my friend!