Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tracking athletes at Ironman Florida on race day

Ironman Florida race day is this Saturday, November 4th. The race begins with the mass swim start at 7AM local (central/Chicago) time which is 8AM east coast/New York time, fortunately for me.

Online coverage should begin about a half hour before the swim start. You may be able to find a link to live streaming video coverage from either http://www.ironmanlive.com/ or http://www.ironmanflorida.com/

If you want the latest split data for an athlete, go to http://www.ironmanlive.com/ and click on the athlete tracker, then do a search for them. To track an athlete using the system, you need to know either their race bib number or their surname. If your athlete has a blog, you may also find the race bib number posted on their blog recently.

Be aware that the system is often flaky and may fail to update for an hour or more at times of heavy usage. Don't jump to conclusions that something awful has happened to me unless you hear DETAILS from someone!

Finding athletes: You can generate a list of all participants and their race numbers here. If you don't know a semi-anonymous blogger's real surname but you know their first name and where they're from, you may be able to figure it out from this list.

A listing of our friends and volunteers who will be at Ironman Florida is here. I've added some of the bib numbers that I can find to the list.

If you're just joining us, my name is Nancy Toby and my bib number is #2484, by the way. This post should help you interpret the times that pop up for me on race day so that you can see if I'm having a good day, or not!

Usually the Ironman races are boiled down to one official hour-long telecast, which will probably be broadcast in a couple of months on the Versus cable channel, but don't count on seeing anyone you know unless they finished in the top five.


Siren said...

Thanks for posting your # !! I've been going around trying to find all the tri-bloggers for online IMFL cheering and yours was one of the last I couldn't find.

I hope you have a wonderful time Saturday!

LBTEPA said...

Looking forward to tracking you and hearing your story next week.
BTW I REALLY like your 'what is failure' post.
Have a great day on Saturday

Fe-lady said...

Nancy, thanks for the list! It saved me a lot of time by not having to go to each person's site and copy down their #- I can't believe I "know" eight people doing this thing!
I called you guys all my "friends" today when I was talking with a guy in a local bike shop today...and I guess, in a way...we are. Pretty cool!

From Here to There said...

Good luck Nancy! We'll be cheering for you!

Iron Pol said...

First, you WAY understated the flakiness of the tracking system, unless they've dramatically improved it.

For IMWI, they were hours behind in some cases, and I think they still show Wil as finishing with an amazing run time. Apparently, them taking her chip did nothing to prevent it from posting times.

And never rule out being seen on the Ironman broadcast. I watched about 5 minutes of the IMWI broadcast and saw George Schweitzer (who I link on my blog).

Duane said...

Good luck and enjoy!

stronger said...

Go Nancy Go! We'll be with you on your big day. When we get too heavy, drop us and we'll carry you to the finish line!!!!

stronger said...

Go Nancy Go! We'll be with you on your big day. When we get too heavy, drop us and we'll carry you to the finish line!!!!

triathlonmom said...

Thanks for sharing your journey Nancy. Have a great race!