Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Number 2484

That's the number I'll wear at Ironman Florida, I just learned this morning. I think that's good. Although it will take my entire arm to write down the whole number.



Mr Steve said...

Now I know what number to track on Ironmanlive. I just find it interesting that the number is so high. I didn't think there were more than 2000 competitors at the Ironman? I would think they would start off with Number 1 and just go to total number of competitors that are allowed to register. careful.... you are so close carrying boxes down the steps like me :)

Iron Pol said...

I just thought of something. Did Stadler pay you a royalty for using Norminator. I'm sure there's a copyright infringement there, somewhere.

Settle out of court for his bike.

I'll be watching on race day.

21st Century Mom said...

Nice, round number. I like it and I'll be watching it closely.

Wendy said...

Cool!!! And Kona Shelley is 2384! Now that's a good sign ...

Jeremy said...

2484 is a seriously lucky number. Consider this:

149.68-(2.484*3(i.e. tri))=142.23

I knew my Statistics minor would come in handy some day!

nancytoby said...

WHOA! That is so cool! Don't tell me it's all numerical smoke and mirrors, because I LOVE IT!!

Thanks, Jeremy!

Jeremy said...

Looks like my last 2 formulas have some errors! Second to last formula - swap the divide for a multiply sign. Last equation - drop the divide by 3 altogether. The rest should be good! A good statistician can BS there way to just about an number or conclusion they want!

nancytoby said...

I figured it out! It's a simple progression, just missing the last term.

2 4 8 4(squared).

PuddyRat said...

Best wishes to you for a successful race. I'll tell you what my coach told me: "There will be times during the race when you want to quit. Everyone has those. Just keep going." Well, more or less that's what she said. In other words...there will come a time during the race when you will just want to give up. Don't give in. Remember, everyone else out on that course will feel that way at some point during the day, too. It may only last a second, it may last an hour. Just keep plugging on and remember to always move forward.