Sunday, October 22, 2006

Buttercup's Final Outing

Today was our last ride together before I drop Buttercup off Tuesday for a tuneup -- and then on Saturday she gets shipped off in the Big Truck to Panama City Beach! 32 miles yesterday and 32 miles today both felt pretty easy-peasy, as it should at this point in time. Also did a 5K run-off on the track today and shuffled around it in 34:19. That will do for my long run pace!

I ordered Buttercup a special race-day present on eBay that I'll have to give to her when we get to Panama City Beach - a decal for her top tube that says Nancinator. Sort of like Ironman Champion Normann Stadler's bike. Thanks for the idea, Flatman!

Yesterday I was mesmerized for several hours watching Normann and all the other athletes in the online coverage of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

I was sad for Dick and Rick Hoyt not making the swim cutoff, but it was great to see them cheered in to shore by dozens of lifeguards on surfboards as well as all the spectators on shore. Hooray for Coach Debi Bernardes finishing well up in her age group - and tieing 6-time world champion Natascha Badmann on the swim leg! I hope Natascha is okay - she must have had a rough day (for her) not to be able to make up more time on the run leg and finishing 10th pro woman. Also congratulations to local triathlete Melissa Merson for becoming an Ironman! Pro Tara Norton - hope you're okay, there's no time posted for your run! And way to go, Sister Madonna Buder, for making it over the finish line once again, just before midnight.

In the past I always watched the Kona Ironman triathlon and thought, that's incredible, that's a nearly impossible feat!!!! How could anyone ever manage to finish that!???

This was the first time watching when I occasionally thought, "Yeah, I could maybe do that."

12 DAYS TO GO and I'll get my chance to try!

Update: Ack! I failed to give Bolder appropriate credit for the Nancinator name. Sorry! I'll give you a private decal viewing in Panama City Beach.


jbmmommy said...

I still think it's incredible and nearly impossible. I'll need a few more years of racing before I can consider something as awesome as what you're taking on in 2 weeks. Safe travels to Buttercup, I bet she'll love her new present.

Florence said...
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Bolder said...

Ooooo, ironman bike porn.

Nancinator... suh-weeet decal!

Wanna see THAT!!

Lisa said...

Cool! I bet that decal will give you some extra mental 'ooomph' if you need it, too. :)

Bolder said...

Oooooo, a PRIVATE decal viewing.

This JUST keeps getting better!