Monday, October 30, 2006

Commonest costumes

I just learned that we had the commonest costumes of all.

Top Children's Costumes 2006

1. Princess (generic) 11.5%
2. Pirate 5.0%
3. Witch 4.8%
4. Spider-Man 4.4%
5. Superman 3.7%
6. Princess (Disney) 3.1%
7. Power Ranger 2.9%
8. Pumpkin/Jack o'Lantern 2.2%
9. Cat 2.0%
10. Vampire (generic) 1.5%
11. Angel 1.4%
12. Fairy 1.4%
13. Ninja 1.4%
14. SpongeBob SquarePants 1.4%
15. Batman 1.3%
16. Cheerleader 1.3%
17. Football Player 1.3%
18. Tinker Bell 1.3%
19. Monster (generic) 1.2%
20. Star Wars character 1.2%

Those Disney marketers are no dummies. We have been assimilated.

Fortunately our girls are real princesses and not just pretend ones.


TxSkatemom said...

my 11 yo occasionally chooses out of the ordinary costumes. The year he was 5, he was d'Artagnan, with Hub and the little one as Athos and Porthos (no Aramis). This year, he will be Phantom of the Opera.

You can tell by how they wear the tiaras that they're the real thing!

Downhillnut said...

I've been really enjoying your girls' royal photos. Keep snapping those pictures - call it paparazzi, er, papparazi, er popperutsi, um, media relations training.

21st Century Mom said...

Of course they are. And darling ones, at that.

Lisa said...

Whether or not they are popular costumes, those girls are cute. :D

I loved it when my kids were little like that. I used to make costumes for them. My favorite was the year I made them into crayons (red and pink).

Then at some point, they stopped letting me make costumes.

Then having me make costumes became cool again.

Then they outgrew it all together. :(