Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recovery day

I was hoping to do a long run today, but as it turns out, I'm SICK! Sore throat the night before the race and the night after. Last night I felt pretty yucky. I'm hoping it was only the cold Elisabeth decided to bring home from school, rather than race-day nutrition problems.

Yesterday's weather for the Aqua Velo race was a little different from predictions.
Temperature 44*F to 68*F - check. Excellent.
Water temperature 69*F. Excellent.
Average humidity 71%. Excellent for that area, surrounded by water.

Winds - increasing throughout the day to 12 mph with gusts to 16 mph? That was not part of the plan!! Fortunately it was from the south, which gave us a strong tailwind on the final twenty miles of the course. Big chainring all the way home, baby!! That was a great help!

I'll work on a report when I regain some energy, which is not yet. Ellie, however, is out doing her long run. . . .


runr53 said...

I read Ellies report and yours, very well done! Rest up! Run Good!

bunnygirl said...

Sorry you're under the weather. Take care of yourself. You had a good race and deserve to rest up and shake this thing off.