Thursday, October 19, 2006

Your best bet!

Shelley is making a pool for betting on your IMFL finisher's time on her blog. $5 per bet, closest finisher to their predicted time wins!

I'm going to say 15:59:59 as my best guess. I'd be very happy with that. Plus it gives me an hour cushion before the cutoff, in case things go badly wrong out there on the course.

I think on a perfect day I can go faster than that, but I'm not sure that I will push myself that hard. Hey, why hurry through my first IM, right??

If I'm faster, I'll be quite happy to lose the bet. :-)


Cliff said...

why hurry through my first IM

That's right. Of course, deep inside we all have a secret time we want to aim for. :) I know i have mine.

Comm's said...

I'll be happy just to finish vertical with a smile on my face. I went a bit conservative in my time but realistic. You never know what can happen out there, good or bad

Shelley said...

My time is my DREAM time, so i'm sure i'll be way off, but at least it gives me something to shoot for!

Iron Pol said...

Is this a "closest without going over" thing. Because we want to make sure that nobody is padding the figure.

I'll put my time for IMFL at 294 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes. And I'll finish in Louiseville, KY.

Ellie said...

"Hey, why hurry through my first IM, right??"

Better hope your husband doesn't read that....sounds like you might do more of these :-)