Monday, October 23, 2006

Taper time

Less time training, more time goofing off online. . . .

Here's a food advisor questionnaire for you. They say my diet sucks, because I get only 37% of my intake from "the world's healthiest foods". So!!?? I'm still not gonna eat kale, swiss chard, sea vegetables, spelt, or goat's milk. (Um, sorry, Mojo. Goat cheese and soap and bubble bath, yes.) Try to make me.

Here's the scary video of Robert Cheruiyot falling at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon.

There's a bunch of other clips on YouTube now from Ironman Hawaii. Fun to browse through.


21st Century Mom said...

The food thing says I'm healthy but I eat too much. No news there (although I did exaggerate a little).

But really - calves liver? I don't think so.

Cliff said...

I am confuse..

do you have to click on everyone of them even if the food groups u dont' eat?

i am like 177% over :)...i guess i am super healthy or something.