Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My day

  • get eye exam
  • try new contacts that might work better on bike for 7 hours
  • go back home and pick up girls
  • drive across town to hospital
  • stand in line
  • stand in line
  • fill out paperwork for flu shots
  • stand in line
  • don't have enough cash for flu shots so get out of line and go find ATM
  • try to get $100
  • find out that would make me overdrawn
  • get out $50 and scrape together $25 more from purse for 3 flu shots
  • stand in line
  • get flu shot
  • hold 2 screaming girls for their flu shots
  • administer lollipops
  • go to "Old McDonald's" for two Happy Meals, which worked, fortunately
  • sit in traffic jam on Beltway
  • arrive at triathlon store
  • drop off bike and bag
  • tell bike goodbye until Florida
  • go to playground
  • exhaustion sets in


21st Century Mom said...

Sounds like you need IMFL to get a rest.

Iron Pol said...

Somebody has flu shots? Wow, imagine that.

Flatman said...

NANCY TOBY...YOU ARE AN IRONMAN (after a day like that...)!