Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back from Baltimore!

I'm back! My last long run before Ironman Florida is done. LET THE TAPER BEGIN!

I had a great dinner on Friday night after the expo with my pals *jeanne*

and WrayJean

and Shawn.

Here they are on race morning with their game faces and garbage bags in place:

I ran about 5-6 miles before the start with the marathon (carrying my own water, and being careful not to cross their chip mats). This was the marathon start, in front of Camden Yards.

Then I went to the half marathon staging area (below) and it started 1:45 after the marathon, so I was able to do the whole thing.

I finished the half marathon in 2:48 (for a total of 20.5 running and walking miles). A little slower than I had hoped, but still okay. I'm still coughing quite a bit, and it is a fairly challenging hilly course. I got the miles done, nevertheless, and that's what today was all about. Here are my official results:

bib number: 8352
age: 49
gender: F
overall place: 3405 out of 3869 (88%)
division place: 132 out of 186 (70%)
gender place: 1823 out of 2218 (82%)
time: 2:48:02
pace: 12:49
guntime: 2:53:43

My splits, FWIW (just for my records; it seems my speedometer was stuck about 12:50):
1: 12:21
2: 12:45
3: 12:37
4: 13:16
5: 12:43
6: 13:19
7: 12:44
8: 12:45
9: 14:02
10: 12:14
11: 12:30
12: 13:04
13: 12:27
0.1: 1:16

I saw Shawn once about mile 7 of the marathon, not looking very happy. I checked her results, though, and she hit her goal of 6 hours exactly on the nose! WAY TO GO!! And WJ and *jeanne* did great too!!

The weather was perfect! I've got to get up early for a ride tomorrow - this is going to be interesting with sore legs!


Geek Girl said...

Good job! I think the half marathon is my favorite race.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

That a great time Nancy. Good job. Everyone looks great. I'm thinking we need to plan another gathering somewhere for 2007. I wanna run with the gang again.

jeanne said...

you're amazing! i love that distance, but i bet I wouldn't have had the discipline to tack on 6 miles beforehand!

*jeanne* said...

You ROCK!!!

Did you actually run alongside the Full starters? That's a long distance in RACE MODE!

Way to go! :-)


bunnygirl said...

Great job, but girl-- what were you thinking, running with a cough?

Get thee to a taper!

jbmmommy said...

Nice race, hope the ride goes well.

Habeela said...

Wow, does that look fun!

TriBoomer said...

Good job. If you listen closely you can hear Panama City Beach calling your name.

Stay tuned...

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the pace and the miles at the beginning.