Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting those pesky pedals off

TriBikeTransport requires the pedals to be removed before taking the bike for shipment to Ironman Florida. OK, fair enough. But it's a real challenge when those pedals haven't been off in a couple of years and have been tightened on with every pedal stroke!

I do have a pedal wrench (uh, thanks for the tip, Flatman, yeah, that's step one) and went at it.

I thought hard and remembered the correct way to turn them to remove them: Taking off the bike pedals - it's BACK = off (pedal wrench at 12 o'clock goes toward the back of the bike) and FORWARD = on.

Still no result. They were stuck on there like concrete.

So I put out an all-points-bulletin to my email lists for help. Am I doing it wrong?

Within minutes I had several helpful responses. Yes, I was turning them correctly.

Special thanks to:
THAT WORKED! Off they came. I cleaned them and put them in a ziplock and then straight into the gear bag.


What did we ever do without the Internet??



Flatman said...

Yes, thank you Al Gore, for inventing it...

(glad you got the pedals off)

It would have been a pity for you to miss your race because you couldn't transport your bike! ;)

Fe-lady said...

I think the tricky part is getting them back on without stripping them...but it sounds like you will have no problem!
I think I will ship my bike to a bike store and have them put it back together for me- I am SO lazy and not into working on bikes anymore!
Good luck! I can't believe the race is just around the corner for you all! YEAH!

Fe-lady said...

DUH- I just read your previous post! I guess I will still have to take my bake APART, unless I let our local shop do that part too!