Sunday, October 01, 2006

Official Aqua Velo results are up!

SWIM 2.4 miles: 1:52:11 (2:39/100 yards) (8/11 women)
SWIM TO BIKE TRANSITION: 11:51 (10/11 women)
BIKE 112 miles: 6:58:50 (16.0 mph average) (8/11 women)
FINISH: 9:02:51 (10/11 women)

Yes, a lot of the swim times were on the slow side! What is especially encouraging to me is that there were at least 17 swimmers that came out of the water after me, over 8% of the 212+ starters in an iron-distance swim. (I know at least one woman was pulled from the water after the cutoff.) When I was in the water I couldn't really tell if I was last or not, because I could rarely see any other swimmers except in the far distance ahead of me. I guess I'm not such a weak swimmer any more!! That's highly encouraging progress!

Doing a little math, I also figured out that if I was swimming yesterday at the same speed as I did in the pool last Wednesday - and I think that's not too unlikely, aided by the wetsuit - I effectively covered an extra half mile in the waters of the Choptank by veering off course repeatedly. Or being pushed off course by the current. Or that much extra water passed by me during the swim from the current. Or a combination of the three.

Sheesh, how could I be 8th in both disciplines, yet drop to 10th overall? Oh, yeah, the women with slower swims had sizzling bike legs, and the women with slower bike times had unreal fast swim times. Figures. Me, I muddle through the whole thing at a steady-eddie pace to make it to the finish line. Of course, it doesn't help to spend several minutes of transition time chit-chatting with volunteers and competitors, does it?

Aqua Velo results
Swim Fest results
Full Chesapeakeman results


21st Century Mom said...

Excellent times. I would be quite happy holding a 2:30 pace over distance. And you have quite a bit of room in there in terms of making the cutoffs. Hooray!

Courtney said...

That is awsome that you are the mother of twins and do triathlons. My husband does many too. He has an Olympic one next weekend. We are expecting twins... However, I've never been much of a racer... So, I probably won't be doing triathlons after... lol.

jbmmommy said...

Awesome times. I hope you're more confident for IMFL now, you've definitely put in the work and you're ready. Hope you're feeling better soon. I think the worst thing about having kids join the preschool population is that we're in for a lot of colds this first year. Take care.

Mojo said...


I'm behind. Was this the ocean water swim you were so worried about? If it was, that was a great time.

You will do this in November, I just know it! Very good training idea.

Shelley said...

Well Nancy...way to go girl!!!! You did totally awesome!! If that where an IM, you'd have about 8 hrs to finish that marathon..TONS OF TIME!!

Fe-lady said...

Great times! You are "spot on" for Florida. If you keep these same times, then you have like seven hours for the marathon! Piece o'cake! (Keeping up over 16 mph for 112 is really an accomplishment! Yea!}

Habeela said...

Woohoo! Awesome results!

Iron Pol said...

8th, 10th, last, none of it matters. FINISHED. That's what matters. My theory is and always will be this...

I'm not going to win. So where I finish in relation to others is less important than two things. First, that I finish. Second, that I achieve my personal goals.

When my improvements get me into some sort of "competetive" position, I'll start worrying about position.

*jeanne* said...


jeanne said...

HEY woman, you did it! i'd comment but i have to go back and read the rest!

barbara said...

We a group of friends from aquabot also went there for this year's event and got a chance to meet Laurie Mehler- the eventual winner from the female side.... By the way Nancy did you participated this time...?