Saturday, October 28, 2006

Two princesses

We dressed up the girls again today and took them down in the double jogstroller to watch the local town Hallowe'en parade today. We scored another enormous haul of thrown candy, plus picked up a bottle of wine for Mom and Dad from the local town winery for dinner tonight! Treats for everyone!

Princess Elisabeth is not amused. Off with their heads!

One more appearance in full royal regalia at another kids' party tomorrow at the local Yacht Club, and their imperial duties are over for the year. I think we'll wait until next year for actual trick or treating.


Miss Rachel said...

Your kids are too cute, and I love the costumes. Just the sort of thing I would have wanted to wear at their age... and even at my age now. Happy Halloween!

21st Century Mom said...

Very cute. Good idea on holding off on trick or treating.