Thursday, October 19, 2006

The really important IMFL prep

I've nearly finished buying all my race supplies for Ironman Florida!! This is what I scored yesterday at the local dollar store:

First, reflective tape, which is required front and back on the shirts of runners that are out there on the marathon course after dark (as I will be).

Second, blinking necklaces!! In RED! Which means FAST! Yes, they hand out glow necklaces on the course, but those don't blink, and they're probably in dumb colors that won't go with my race gear, and they don't blink. So these will be IMPORTANT to my race performance!!

And finally, glow bracelets. Lots of them. It's important for a girl to be properly accessorized.

My hair is going to be a little redder than usual, too. But not blinking. I'm considering bright red nail polish, too. I can't figure out a way to make my fingernails blink, either, however.

It's also important not to take this Ironman thing WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, like SOME folks I know. Who will not be linked to from this post, but they know who they are. Well, on second thought, they probably don't know who they are, sadly.

Let's have some FUN out there, people!!! It's way too long a day to do otherwise!!


LoneStarCrank said...

Now that is taking planning to another level! When my pops used to tell me "prior planning prevents piss poor performance" I don't know that he had bracelets and accessories in mind, but he, nonetheless, would be proud of your efforts!

kozzy said...

Your blinking red bling is going to look soooo cool there in Florida! Bring it Nancy!

Flatman said...

You are so cool. :) Having fun is the number one goal (after finishing, of course)!

Kylie said...

I strongly recommend red toenails as well... I have painted mine to match some theme (in my brain) each IM so far, and just knowing they are there is my own special little secret all day. Oh and sometimes they are visible in swim pics ;)

Mr Steve said...

Great posting! What do you think you will change in your fueling plan for the Ironman as compared to what you planned/actual in your Duothon? Inquiring minds want to me :)

I like the idea of the glow in the dark bracelets... I will probably need to pack a miner's headlamp since I will probably be finishing in the dark when I do my Ironman in 08.

Rootin for ya!

jbmmommy said...

Getting down to the nitty gritty! Awesome accessories- I love the dollar store. You've certainly got the right attitude in my book- out there to enjoy the race. As much as you can enjoy a full day of physical assertion and exhaustion. I'm jealous.

Bolder said...

you and i, will have a leeetle conversation on the 5th.

we can compare who had more fun.


nancytoby said...

Hah! AS IF I will be coherent on the 5th!!!!

Iron Pol said...

I missed this post, and I'm glad you linked to it, today. And I say you SHOULD make your hair blink. I'm sure you could find or make something that would work.