Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's showtime!

Ellie and I are just about to leave for Chesapeakeman!

Current weather outside:

46*F, 100% humidity.

Wind is supposed to stay under 6 mph through 8PM tonight.

I caught myself actually thinking (and saying) yesterday that I wished I was doing the full distance - with that little 26.2-mile run tacked on afterwards. Does that mean I might actually be ready for this monster?

No live updates today - this is a wonderful small event and the RD (Vigo) says he hopes to keep it that way. We're taking all your kind good wishes with us and will report back this evening on how the day went, 114.4 miles from now. (Actually 114.8, the bike course is 0.4 long).

LET'S ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Rock it girls!!
And have fun!

TxSkatemom said...

have a GREAT day! You are more than ready, and this is a wonderful dress rehearsal for IMFL!

21st Century Mom said...

I hope it went really well for you!! I'm eagerly awaiting your story!

triathlonmom said...

I've was thinking about your race this morning while I was riding. Hope you have a great one. And I hope you weren't as cold as I was down here in Richmond!

jbmmommy said...

I was hoping the lovely northeast weather traveled down to your neck of the woods this morning. Looking forward to the report, hope it was great!

Ann Ewbank said...

I know you two are going to be awesome today!!!

Hurrah for strong, fit, beautiful women! Way to represent!