Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekend chores

I may not be getting much training done this weekend, but I'm getting a few things done around the house. First job was re-painting the trim around the back door. The wood was starting to rot around the door, because there's no overhang and the rain tends to get driven against the door frame. I did some temporary filling with plastic wood and then painted it. The framing really should be replaced, but we'll do that next year after the winter damage is finished.

Then I finished up installing some much-needed storage in the bathroom. I bought these at Home Decorators online and assembled them today. Pretty exciting, eh? In a house as small as ours, we need to use every nook and cranny we can find for storage.

Then the babysitter cancelled for tomorrow. Bah! Not sure what I'll do then, tomorrow, but it may involve setting up the bike on the trainer while I cheer on Ironman Sarah Reinertsen in Amazing Race.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

We have a big house but two of the bathrooms have no cabinets. They have those silly pedastal sinks so we have put similar units over the toilets as well.

Fe-lady said...

Good job on the home improvements! I love doing stuff like this!

Iron Pol said...

B-Boy makes us watch Amazing Race if he sees Sarah, even if it's just flipping through channels.

I think he loves her.