Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drizzly day for a run

Today I got to sleep LATE for a workout day, and only got out the door at 8AM for a Long Slow Distance jog with my training buddy, David. It alternated between rain and drizzle for most of the way - the remnants of Tropical Storm Ernesto. Ernie seems to be taking his sweet time sauntering up the east coast. That's okay - train in adversity, race in adversity, right!?

We ran around the quiet roads in the wealthier neighborhood on the other side of town, nearly the only runners out on the road. As usual, David pushed and flogged me along. We finished up 16.0 miles in 3 hours 36 minutes total time, which included a lot of walk breaks for me, for an average pace of 13:30 minutes per mile. For me, that's a very speedy long run pace - nearly my marathon PR pace! When we finished up my leg muscles were tired, but I didn't feel exhausted overall. I could have gone another ten miles in reasonable shape.

OK, that's almost 2 miles swum yesterday, 16 miles run today, and tomorrow we plan to ride something over 100 miles. About 3/4 of an Ironman spread over 3 days. So far it's not feeling too bad - I hope I can remember that tomorrow!

We did have a few big tree branches blown down, and a little bit of flooding here in town at high tide today, but nothing too serious.

Just deep enough for the kids to splash around in the Crab Claw parking lot.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

What an awesome couple of days you've had. Congratulations to you!!

Downhillnut said...

I heard Virginia mentioned with Ernesto last night on the news and wondered how that would affect your training. Good job to get out there in the wet stuff!

21st Century Mom said...

That is awesome! I'm very impressed.

Fe-lady said...

Man you are putting in some monster miles...I an envious! And to run in the rain right now would really be nice...!
Have fun on your LOOOONNNNGGG ride tomorrow! {:-}

TxSkatemom said...

just what I needed to hear -- that 16 miles is do-able (I know it, cuz I've done it, but not in a year...), and that walking some is OK. You are always my inspiration!

LouBob said...

Glad to hear your not getting totally flooded out. Good job on all those miles too.

Iron Pol said...

Okay, here's where we part ways. I completed my final 20 miler for the marathon on the 24th. Kept a decent enough pace that I'm comfortable with the 4 hour target. Figured out I'll wear the Asics instead of the Mizunos.

I will NOT be doing a 100 mile ride. 2 mile swim and 20 mile run has taken enough out of me. I might, however, do a 50-75 mile ride and take Friday as a rest day.

Great job getting those long training sessions in, all stacked up.