Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Nation's Marathon

Here's an event in Washington, DC next spring that I'm thinking about doing! It's the second running of this marathon, with a course entirely within the District (unlike Marine Corps Marathon, which starts and finishes in Virginia).

It looks like they have VASTLY improved the course from last year, running it through much more scenic and pleasant and interesting neighborhoods this year, and toning down the hills in the second half. Hmm, prices go up after September 30th, I should try to decide by then if I'll run it. There are qualifying standards for entering, and I just barely squeak by on the 10k in 1:05 standard, after running a 1:03:17 last April. Just fast enough to guarantee that I'll probably finish right at the back of the pack! No problem, it's all familiar territory to me. Maybe I can even score a marathon DFL placement! Hmm, yes, last year's DFL finisher had a time 9 minutes faster than my (admittedly soft) marathon PR.

I wonder if they have a significantly lower pecentage of women in this marathon than the average marathon, since they have no gender distinction in qualifying times, unlike the Boston Marathon?

Unfortunately, it won't count as a new "state" for me, since I've already done Marine Corps Marathon (which counts for DC) and Richmond Marathon (which counts for Virginia), as well as Baltimore Marathon (in nearby Maryland). But it sure is nice to be able to sleep in your own bed after a big race like this.

Anyone with me? Jeanne or *jeanne* or any of my other readers out there in Blogland?


Steph said...

I ran the National Marathon last March, and I actually really liked the course (everyone else I talked to hated it though). 2007 will be even better. It seems like they took the feedback from last year very seriously, and I will probably take another crack at this race. Much fun!

tri-mama said...

sounds tempting...I'll check with my in laws and see if they are in town this time of year.

Giddy said...

Looks like a fun marathon!! I just signed up for the new ING Georgia Marathon 3 weeks ago...which is 3/25/ I can't join you guys this time! Have a blast!!

jeanne said...

i hate to reveal my ignorance, but what the heck is DFL??? Didn't go to Florida???!? :)

I'm pretty sure Bex is planning on this. You should ask her.

I can't seem to think about anything beyond the MCM at the moment...except for the jingle bell 10k! i'm so in for that!

Shawn said...

I was DFL at Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Michigan, back in 2004. It rocked :)