Saturday, September 09, 2006

Summer's not over yet

But it is definitely winding down. The weather still seems like summer here, and probably will for another month or two. It's the pleasantest time of year here!

First order of business today was my bike ride - another few hours training with my buddy David. No photos, but we did a great pace (for me) of 17.0 mph for 51 miles. Which, strangely enough, is a shorter ride for me these days! (Not long enough to really tell if I had improved my little problem with razor blades). David went out for another identical loop after I quit - good for him! We'll ride longer again next weekend. But I'm very happy with putting my first 176-mile bike week down in the old spreadsheet!

I had to stop early to attend our local community meeting today. We gathered for our little annual neighborhood business meeting while we watched the log canoes race on the Miles River and stuffed ourselves on a sumptuous potluck. We brought amaretto cheesecake, and fortunately (?) there were leftovers to bring home.

Earlier in the week we made several daily trips to the playground, as we do almost every non-rainy day.

Elisabeth and Catherine are starting to demand to take photographs themselves with my little camera. Mostly they take pictures of fingers and parts of their hands and the ground, but occasionally a few come out great! The nice part of digital photos is that they're all free, and you can let the kids "burn film" at an astonishing rate.


Comm's said...

Mo has taken over one of my wifes little elph cameras. Its still works though we don't use film in it for him. He likes the flash going off and saying, "Cheese."

It is unique to think that our children when they do use film are cataloging their life story in a way that we never could at that age.

jbmmommy said...

That's an impressive weekly biking total! I hope that your razor blades problem has been solved for your longer rides.

My boys both love the digital camera. They don't want to take a picture but as soon as we take their pictures, they want to run up and see themselves. So we only get one shot.