Monday, September 04, 2006

So what would that get me?

So if (and this is a big if) I were able to combine my training times from the last three days, what kind of Ironman time would that buy me?

Now, I don't want to tempt the Triathlon Gods. I'm not adding this up to try to impress anyone, I'm doing it to reassure myself that I can make it across the finish line before midnight and actually earn my medal and the Ironman title, hopefully. I keep running the numbers just to make sure it all works out.

Using Phil's Handy-dandy Triathlon Time Calculator and my actual training paces from the last three days:

Swim 2.4 miles at 2:37/100 yards: 1:50:31
T1 (10 minutes was the max): 10:00
Bike 112 miles at 15.3 mph: 7:19:12
T2 (10 minutes was the max): 10:00
Run 26.2 miles at 13:30 min/mile: 5:53:42
Total: 15:23:26

WOOT! That is good news! It's still under 17 hours! It gives me 96 minutes of "extra" time to screw up, get lost, fix a flat, wash my face, trudge along with fatigue, chat with the volunteers, eat pretzels, order pizza, stop at Starbucks, go to the portapotty, or whatever else I manage to find to do to kill time on the course, and I should still be able to finish by midnight. Plus I have 6 more weeks of training to improve my speeds. I actually expect in reality that my T1 time will be somewhat longer and my run time probably will be substantially longer. But that's okay! The numbers work!


jbmmommy said...

You sure can do it, and I think you might even be able to beat that time. When you add in the excitement of the day and the adrenaline you'll have going, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll get there. Of course technical difficulties come up and I know you don't want to anger those fickle race gods, but I hope you're feeling as much confidence as I'm sure your readers have in you after all your hard work!

Shelley said...

Well that sure adds up pretty good in my books, I think you'll surprise yourself and do even better, I would have been happy with 15+hrs for my first IM...but I finished..and so will you!!

Spokane Al said...

The numbers do work - and very well! It looks to me like you are ready to begin the fine tuning for a fine, successful finish.

I will continue to look forward to reading about your preparations as you get closer and your race report upon your successful finish.

Iron Pol said...

It's that T2 arrival time that is key. Your training times (and past half-IM times) support the notion that you can arrive at T2 well before the bike cutoff. After that, it's all up to your legs.

You're doing awesome, as these little confidence boosters show.

j. said...

you are kicking but NT and everybody reading knows that you'll be seeing the brighter side of 17 hours. without question. now you have the numbers to prove it.

and, for the record, i added up my long weekend session to figure out what my IM time would be. as it turns out, i beat that time in the actual race. dare i say, but it's almost easier doing it all in one day.

you rock.

Phil said...

Hey, glad to see, I'm not the only one that uses that thing! I have had to change webservers lately though, and the URL no longer works. In case you're looking for it again; here's the new URL:

Oh, and by the way: everytime, I've used that thing to compute my finish times... I've always been faster. So here's hoping the trend continues.