Sunday, September 10, 2006

Looking ahead

Today I updated my annual USATriathlon membership and then submitted my entry for Eagleman 70.3 in Cambridge, Maryland, next June 10th. It will be my third venture onto the course - at 45 minutes from home, it's practically in my backyard and pancake flat, so it's just about as "easy" as a half-Ironman triathlon ever gets. I'm trying not to plan too much after Ironman Florida, but registration opened today for Eagleman and will probably fill quite early so I went ahead, held my nose, and JUMPED! Are you in?


21st Century Mom said...

Not in for Eagleman because it's about as far from my back door as you can get but I am sort of, kind of, maybe just maybe thinking about Wildflower next May. We'll see how things go Sunday and then I'll think about it some more.

Good job on those training ratios!

Ellie said...

As always, I don't know what we'll be doing, and by the time I know it will probably be closed. My main focus next year is going to be marathon-running, so I don't know about a HIM. I'm very tempted.

triathlonmom said...

OK, I'm in for EagleMan AquaVelo. (OMG!!!!) Will sign up after I do Sandman this weekend if everything goes well. Don't think I can swing doing a full HalfIron, at least not that soon. can convince me.
So, Nancy, I look forward to meeting you next year.