Sunday, September 03, 2006

Got it done!

Buttercup was chomping at the bit, and all ready to go! But first we had to attend to changing a flat on David's Fuji. So it ended up being well past 6:30AM when we got underway. The day was overcast and we got drizzled on yet again a couple of times, but it was a comfortable mid-70s temperature for riding with very little wind.

It was a LONG hard ride. Running 16 miles the day before does take the spunk out of a person! There wasn't much chitchat from either of us after the first thirty miles.

Final tally when we got back to my driveway: 102.69 miles, 16.2 mph rolling average, 15.3 mph real time average including pitstops and a convenience store shopping stop. 6 hours 42 minutes on the road, plus time on the ferry trip across the Tred Avon River.

We were tired and glad to be done! I definitely selected my Ironman bike shorts, my new ('05 model on sale) Performance Women's Ultra Shorts. I finally found a pair that didn't chafe!

Ride intake notes:
72 oz. Gatorade with extra salt and maltodextrin
1 Mountain Dew
3 ounces gel
4 salt capsules
1 Payday bar
1 Powerbar

That did the job. Yay! 85% of an Ironman over 3 days for me - 120.6 miles total - now the trick will be putting it all together in 9 weeks on race day and keeping it going for another twenty miles. At least I won't have sore legs to start out the day with!

Oh yeah. Did I mention that it was my longest ride in my whole entire life?? Woo hoo me!

On another topic -- YAY! For George Hincapie becoming the 2006 USA Road Race Champion today! He's had a tough year, it's good to see him get a big win.


Shelley said...

Way to go Nancy..yesss, you goe 'er done for sure!!! I'm getting my stuff ready for a 112 mile ride with friends tomorrow a.m...ought to be fun!!

21st Century Mom said...

Yay! You did a century! And I'll bet if asked the question - could you have lasted another 10 miles the answer would have been - 'of course!'

Congrats - I hope this was a big confidence booster.

IMmike said...

great job nancy.

Flo said...

Are those not the best shorts ever??? I now have 3 pairs and noticed through your link that they are on sale so I'm gonna order more. I absolutely love them!!!!

bunnygirl said...

Good job, Nancy! Funny how the miles can just zip on by and before you know it, you've done a century!

Iron Pol said...

Awesome job. That's three tough training days. And Buttercup looks nice as ever.

B-Boy wanted to get in on the action, so ran a FULL MILE, yesterday (keeping in mind he is 2 years 9 months). It was great, because he was lapping boys that were somewhere in the elementary age range. Proud daddy, here.

Keep racking up those deposits to the bank of Ironman. You're getting through the toughest part, and soon, all that will remain is the fun and excitement of race day.

Stillwater Heron said...

Way to go!
Boy, your ride makes the 35 mile Donut Derby I'm doing today a cake walk! LOL

Chris said...

Woah! Nice job, Nancy! Way to get that century done. That has to be a *huge* confidence builder rolling in towards Florida!

And bonus props for doing the ride the day after a long run! That had to be killer.

jeanne said...

how did i miss all this commotion?!?!
rock on!