Sunday, September 10, 2006

Training and race miles

I did a little calculation today, just to see how my workout miles were comparing to the ratio of distances in an Ironman triathlon.

Race distance 140.6 miles (in my goal race Ironman Florida):
  • 2.4 miles swim = 1.71%
  • 112 miles bike = 79.65%
  • 26.2 miles run = 18.63%
So far, my year-to-date totals and ratios with 2734 total training miles in the books are:
  • 74.2 miles swum = 2.71%
  • 2089.2 miles biked = 76.41%
  • 570.6 miles run = 20.87%
Not too far off the mark percentage-wise! I'm swimming more because that's my weakest leg. The biking needs to come up a bit, and probably will after I finish a few more long rides.


Ann Ewbank said...

Hi Nancy- do you ever do brick training? Just wondering...

Your percentages are looking good.

nancytoby said...

I do some bricks, but mostly to fit in more workouts in a day when I have time to do them. I tend to feel pretty good starting the run, actually, because everything is warmed up! So I don't seem to need a lot of practice in starting out after T2 on dead legs. Right now I'm concentrating more on the LONG swims, bikes, and runs.

Sara said...

Looks good.

My training of running has slacked off because of my toe. I feel the wanting of the run, but the pain overcomes the wanting.