Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another long run in the books

My training buddy David was already in the driveway when I emerged from my house at 7AM, and it was time to rock and roll! We went the same route as last week, only another loop or two around the golf course. Finished up 16.8 miles at about a 13 min/mile pace, including lots of walk breaks and an extended visit to the woods for me. That's not bad for my Long Slow Distance pace - if I kept it up for another 10 miles I'd break my marathon PR by 12 minutes! It's also my biggest mileage on the roads since the Goofy Marathon last January. So that's some GOOOOOD training! And that little 51-mile bike ride yesterday (and the 2-mile swim the day before) didn't seem to affect me at all! Yeah!!

I don't think I'll run much longer distance than that before Ironman Florida - maybe 2 or 3 more long runs in the 15 to 18 mile range. One will be a long run with Ellie on the day after the Chesapeakeman Aqua Velo. Another will include the Baltimore Half Marathon on October 14 for a nice time trial three weeks before Ironman Florida, with maybe a 5K tacked on after the end for a cooldown.

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Comm's said...

16.8 is great news Nancy and at a great pace.