Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I own my own words

Just a couple thoughts . . . .

Those title words are not mine, but a maxim from one of the longest-lived online communities, the Well, founded in 1985.

I don't do anonymous posts, ever. Or anonymous emails. Ever. I think they're cowardly. If I have something to say, I say it straight out. If I don't want to send it claiming proper attribution, I don't send it. I wish all the people posting comments on blogs would do the same.

You'll note by the title that this blog is about as non-anonymous as they come. No pseudonyms here. I'm not publishing my social security number or my credit card number, but my address has been tracked down from my blog. It's okay. I don't have a huge problem with that. I'm not paranoid about my cyber-identity. If somebody does get my credit card number, I cancel it. It's happened. No problem. Yeah, I might be a bit more circumspect if I currently had a career outside the home, but I wasn't any more secretive online when I did, so I honestly doubt it. I could tell you some cyber-stalking stories, too.

I don't delete posts sent to my blog, either, with the exception of blatantly irrelevant spam. If I post it, I feel that puts it out there in the public eye for feedback. Some of the feedback I don't like, or don't agree with. So be it. I'm leaving it up there for other folks to view the full discussion and debate in context. I love a good debate. I'm a big girl, I can handle it. I've had some of my comments on other blogs arbitrarily deleted, though, even by people who claim that they "don't delete". Okay, whatever. It's your blog.

I own what I say in the sense that I like proper attribution if someone uses my stuff, too. A link is always nice. Last year someone copied an entire blog post of mine verbatim and published as their own, which I found rather annoying.

I may be a smartass or terse at times, certainly. I don't mean it in a nasty way. I'm truly sorry if it comes off that way occasionally. I'll apologize if I realize that I've said something wrong or in a manner that I didn't truly intend.

I am a mean and petty person sometimes, though, I admit it. In the holiday food donation bin at school I put in a box of saltines that had an expiration date 6 months ago. Is that a sin?


Steven said...

Hear! Hear! I had the same thing happen to me a couple of months ago.

I read something I wrote on another blog with no credit given to the author. It's not that we particularly want that credit, but's the point, right?

And...I find it funny when you do your smart-*ss stuff. Keep it up!

TriFeist said...

What? Guess there's run on rude anonymous postings.

If you KNEW the crackers were moldy, it might be a sin but I'm not on the sin patrol.

21st Century Mom said...

Did you ever see my post about my covert, extra-marital relationship with the Well? Not with a person ON the Well, but with the environment. It was pretty funny.

And yes, Nancy -owning your own words is virtuous but putting EXPIRED SALTINES IN THE FOOD BANK BIN IS A FAST TRACK TICKET TO HELL! It pales in comparison to stealing someone's post, though. That is just plain scummy.

runr53 said...

Now all "we" have to do is to remember to temper everything we say, but all in all some people do just need a slappin! The crackers at the local coney island are older than that!! Run Good!

Comm's said...

I don't really get anonymous commenter's. Guess i am not in the big leagues. maybe I don't write edgy enough stuff. I call them 'Flamers', a person who is inflammatory for the sake of their own ego or to be hurtful & detract from the overall point.

What i wish more people would do is open their comment for response. i get several great comments a day that I want to write a personal response to and can't because they are 'non-reply' commenter.

Spokane Al said...


I like your stuff. I like your straight forward approach and willingness to provide your thoughts and opinion. You are a breath of fresh air.

Keep 'em coming!

P.S. Although I will admit I am still not entirely sure if you were joking or not when you posted the lyrics to Strokin' on my blog.

Julia said...

Did I miss a good controversy somewhere??

I love your blogging style Nancy, straight forward, always saying what's on your mind and you ALWAYS stick by what you have said.

Makes me laugh that people would copy your posts and feign them as their own...

Flo said...

Well said. I don't understand rude postings. Seems to be on the increase lately, tis the season????

As for the crackers, hmmm...., sounds like something I would do :)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

the fact that the cracker thing sticks in your mind says you feel guilty about it.

I think that means you have a conscience. You should make a living amends. So go find some good food and put it in the food bin.

Seriously? People "borrowing" from you? ugh. Don't they have a life?

Iron Pol said...

What's the problem with anonymous posting? I'll post anonymously wherever and whenever I want. You can't identify me, so what are you going to do?

So there!


Iron Pol said...

Couldn't resist.

nancytoby said...

I *did* put some other things in the donation bin besides the crackers - old cans of green beans, stuff like that had been in the cupboards a long time that I thought I would never eat. But at least the other stuff wasn't expired.

I suppose I should do penance. Isn't self-flagellation enough??

Fe-lady said...

HA! At least you still donate...I don't even do that anymore as the
"needy" families at our school who get all the donated food have dvd players, the parents have cell phones, are sucking off the system and choose not to work- but I CAN'T for the life of me get them into school for a conference about their kid- but they sure as hell will come for a free turkey!

I admit it- I posted anon. once.
I am going to hell in a handbasket, I just know it!

Fe-lady said...

And I don't delete comments because I truly don't know how, or care enough to learn how!

momo said...

nancy - i love reading your blog and am always inspired by the things you're willing to try and the opinions you share with all of us.

on the crackers. if they weren't open, i wouldn't worry about it. the expiration date when it comes to non-perishables is usually more for the retailers sake anyway. they're still good and i am sure whoever receives them will be grateful.

Wylee said...

At least you put crackers in the barrel. Cracker barrel, where have I heard that before? Hmmmm....
Anyway, I see your blog doesn't allow anonymous comments. It says that right below the box I'm typing in. Maybe I missed something?

jeanne said...

AMEN sistah!

I will say though, that rude postings, and flamers are NOT the same as annonymous. Some people leave well thought out comments and they prefer to be annonymous. No problem.

Rude is rude. It's not rude to be annonymous. it's rude to be a jerk.

And yeah, did i miss something? I love a good controversy!

(I bet those saltines would last another year or two. They would in my house anyway. And then they'd get eaten, by God!)

jeanne said...

oh and p.s. I would NEVER EVER delete a negative comment. FREE SPEECH sistah! I only delete spam. and then only when i get around to it. cuz i don't have the COMMENT VER thing on, thnks to bold's relentless campaign.

nancytoby said...

I don't mind anonymous when it's just someone leaving a comment that isn't registered. But 99 times out of 100, it's somebody making a rude or nasty comment that doesn't want to be publicly identified as "rude/nasty". Now that is cowardly, in my book!

There are those, too, who register an anonymous name on the site without a blog nor email address, and use it to leave rude comments on blogs from which they're otherwise blocked. Deliberate, calculated rudeness!!