Thursday, March 16, 2006

National Senior Games standards

I'm too young. I miss eligibility for the state-level Senior Games by 6 months this year, which means I can't qualify for the 2007 National Senior Games in Louisville, Kentucky. Well, that just gives me two more years to work on these new minimum performance standards for women 50-54:

1500m racewalk: 9:55
5000m racewalk: 35:35

5K road race: 25:08
10K road race: 55:00

50 yard freestyle swim: 34.20
100 yard freestyle swim: 1:16.20
200 yard freestyle swim: 2:46.10
500 yard freestyle swim: 8:01.70
50 yard breaststroke swim: 47.40
100 yard breaststroke swim: 1:43.30
200 yard breaststroke swim: 3:59.70

100m: 17.30
200m: 35.70
400m: 1:30.70
800m: 3:31.50
1500m: 7:00.00

As of 2007, the only qualifying that one must do for triathlon is to complete a state-level event or similar open event. It's a sprint: 400m swim, 20K bike, 5K run. The last winning time for my new age group was 1:06:51.

For cycling (5K or 10K time trial, 20K or 40K road race), you must qualify by winning first or second place at the state event, but it doesn't need to be the same distance. Here are the 50-54 year old female division winner's times:
5k cycle: 8:13.1 (22.6 mph)
10k cycle: 18:20.8 (20.2 mph)
20k cycle: 36:06.9 (20.6 mph)
40k cycle: 1:13:10.8 (20.3 mph)

The good news is that the 2009 National Senior Games will be held in the San Francisco Bay area of California, primarily at Stanford, August 1-15. I'd love to go! It's on my calendar now! Time to start training - only a little over three years to go!


Steven said...

That's an excellent goal! And don't plan on only going, plan on going AND snagging yourself some hardware!

Geek Girl said...

I know it sounds nuts, but I can't wait to be in my 50's. I want to live in an "active adult" community, try for the senior games, and get senior discounts!!

Kewl Nitrox said...

heh heh... End next year I qualify for senior category. Can't wait! Judging by the current AG folks, I am not anticipating much of a ranking gain though... :(

Jill said...

What an awesome goal! Sounds like it will be fun.

*jeanne* said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


TriSaraTops said...

Very FUN! Great goals to reach for! :)

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