Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cherry Blossoms

The official prediction is in for the peak of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC: It's going to be between March 27th and April 1st.

But I think those blossoms should manage to hold on until one of the best races of the local running year, the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on April 2nd.

That should make for some pretty photos. I hope it will be a little warmer and less windy than last year!


Mojo said...

That would be a beautiful race with the cherry blossoms. Down here all the Bradford pear trees are blooming now. They are white not a pretty pink.

I read your past recap of the race and it was cold that time of year! Glad you stuck it out because you had a great race time!

Flo said...

I had an anut who lived in Bowie,MD and we used to go down for Cherry Blossom time. The last time was when I was about 10 or 11, that was 36 years ago!!!! OMG!!!!

I'm trying to talk hubby into an east coast trip and I'm hoping we can go around this time of year. I like this time better than fall.

jeanne said...

It IS breathtakingly beautiful when they are in bloom. I only hope I can manage to run the whole damn thing!

Sara said...

The one photo that sticks in my head of my mom is her in DC with the blossoms in the background.

Running hasn't started yet. I keep planning it for tomorrow, but see tomorrow never comes because it becomes today and then I never run. Of course, it has also had to do with the cold I have and the foot of snow on the ground.

mipper said...

one day i want to run that race with you. i bet it is just gorgeous!