Friday, March 03, 2006

Wind trainer

That was today's ride. Gack. 36*F, 20 mph winds with gusts to 30 mph. I was riding at a slant at times. Another slow day, 27.1 miles and I could only average 13.5 mph. (It didn't help when I remembered about five miles out that I hardly ate anything for lunch - luckily I had a gel stashed in my bento box.)

I'm pretty sure that wind wheeled around to be in my face the whole time. My neck and shoulders feel pretty beat up from the muscles being stiffened against the wind the whole ride. I just hope I never have to face those conditions during a race! But finally I got in my first week of cycling over 56 miles this year (the half Ironman distance). Many more to come!


mipper said...

woohoo! boo wind! boo spam. you must have just turned off word ver.

great job on your mileage! keep it up.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo! Good job!

Wylee said...

brrrrr *shiver shiver* not only does that ride sound hard, it sounds cold!

Yay for 56 miles!