Friday, March 31, 2006

March summary

March 2006 is history. Each one of us were given 31 days to use. How well did I make use of the time I was given last month? Well, it took me until 9:30PM on the 31st to finish up my bike trainer time, but I finished most of the workouts and distances that I had hoped this month.

Days I did no exercise at all: 2/31
Days I did only core work: 2/31

Tier 1 goals (bare minimum baseline expectations) met: ALL, including:
Attended 1 swim clinic

Tier 2 goals (optimistic expectations) met:
Swim: 4000 m/week or 17,700 m total - DONE, 18362 total meters swum
(97% of February rate)
Bike: 50 miles/week or 221 miles - DONE, 222 miles cycled
(111% of February rate)
Run: 15 miles/week or 66 miles - DONE, 70 miles run
(113% of February rate)
Crunches: 700/week or 3100 total - DONE, 3500 total crunches
(121% of February rate)
Finish 1 metric century on the bike (62 miles) organized or on my own - not done, longest ride 36 miles.

Tier 3 goals (lofty pie-in-the-sky hopes) met:
PR in the half marathon - DONE, 2:36:30

Lost a few pounds finally, too!

A solid month of consistent base-building training for me. As I had planned back in December, the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on Sunday will conclude my 12-week Macro Cycle 2 and launch my next phase of training.

Now I enter Macro Cycle 3 lasting ten weeks, which will further emphasize base-building and enhancing my swim technique, while ramping up my bike mileage in preparation for the Columbia Olympic-distance triathlon on May 21 and the Eagleman half Ironman triathlon on June 11.


Comm's said...

thats just awesome nancy. total reinforcement that slow and controlled coupled with discipline can overcome any obstacle.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Awesome job Nancy. Your dedication is inspiring.