Saturday, March 25, 2006

Catherine the incipient mathematician

My husband said that Catherine counted to ten yesterday, all on her own. I admit that I was a little skeptical - perhaps that was just a proud papa bragging on his two-year-old.

Then just now I heard her do it too. While she was amusing herself in her bed, when she was supposed to be actually taking a nap, she recited all the numbers up to ten. In order. Loudly. In between off-key renditions of portions of Old MacDonald's Farm. She's partial to the ee-eye ee-eye oh refrain.

I don't think she can actually count up more than three actual objects, however. My husband says she's still at the Paleolithic stage: "One, two, three, many".

Of course, that's just about as well as I am able to count swimming or track laps in my head, if I don't use my watch.

Maybe Catherine thinks the rest of the numbers are irrational. Just like everything else in her little universe.

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Comm's said...

wow. my boy can't even do that irrationally. a savant in the making.