Thursday, March 16, 2006

Go Linae!

I'm in awe of the amazing effects of Linae's weight loss and her progress toward her ambitious athletic goals. YOU GO!!

Just out of idle curiosity, I took a look at the results from past years for my next triathlon, Columbia (Olympic distance), coming up in 66 days.

Top 3 Athena 40+
2005: 3:57
2004: 3:29
2003: 3:16

Top 10 age group (45-49):
2005: 3:09:18
2004: 2:48:54
2003: 3:28:03

Most improved award:
2004: -36:13 (For me, that would be 3:30:45)
2003: -12.2% (For me, that would be 3:36:50)

Wow. Those are all over the board - some within reach, some far beyond what I can expect in 66 days from now. I guess the only solution is to just keep training hard and do my best on race day, eh?


Christine said...

I'm amazed and awed by both of you.

TriFeist said...

You could break 4 hours at Columbia. You know it.

nancytoby said...

Well, hopefully the 4:00 is well within reach.

It's that 2:48 that has me a little skeptical. :-)