Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunny flight to Cambridge

We took the opportunity on a beautiful calm day to fly with our girls 32 miles from Easton down south to Cambridge.

Elisabeth wasn't thrilled about the idea - she tried to escape back into the minivan to GO HOME!
Catherine, however, thought it was wonderfully fun!

A view of the bridge over the Miles River not far from our house. We didn't fly very close to St. Michaels because it has a no-fly area over the house of the vice president. Not sure it it still applies to Rumsfeld's house nearby!

Another view of the same bridge.

The Oak Creek bridge (right - center) that I drive over every weekday to take Elisabeth to school. Yes, cycling over that is one of the only hills in the entire county! Can you see why I don't do many hilly events?

In Cambridge, the point of land in the center below is the transition area for Eagleman half Ironman, and T1 for Chesapeakeman.

Another view of downtown Cambridge and the Choptank River.

We had a lovely lunch at the Cambridge airport with the girls - surprisingly yummy crabcakes and excellent homestyle cake - and then flew back!

Landing in Easton again!


Fe-lady said...

Thanks for photos...sounds like you had a wonderful day! (No crying or screaming this time?)

Nancy Toby said...

A little, but mostly before we got in the plane. After that they were pretty good!!!

Steve J said...

Based on Cheney's hunting skills, I think the no-fly zone was for YOUR protection Nancy, not HIS.