Friday, March 23, 2007

Race day a'comin'!

Forecast is worsening for the National Half Marathon on Saturday. Ugh!

90% chance of showers at the start, 47*F, but light (5 mph) winds.

Frankly, it's the kind of weather that would normally prompt me to skip a road race and sleep in, since I really dislike cold rain - but I want to get my five halves done and in the bag this spring. So I've committed to seeing my racer buddies at the starting line, at the back of the pack - probably the last I'll see of them until after the finish line!

It looks like a great course this year, starting out heading down the long axis of the Mall, past the U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian buildings, Washington Monument and White House. I've lived in this area for 17 years now, so I tend to forget to sightsee around those national landmarks!

The marathon course doubles back on the half marathon course so we'll be able to see those runners heading out. One of my new goals for the race is to make it to the split just before the 6 mile mark before the elites come through at mile 15 of the marathon. If I'm having a really, really good day, I'll make it to the course re-join at the 7 mile mark before they get to the 14!!

Of course, if my shoes are soaking wet and weigh ten pounds apiece, that will slow me down. Yeah, that's it! It's my wet shoes that make me slow!!


Vickie said...

You'll do great, I'm betting on it! But if you want or need any excuses, wet shoes will work!

ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with vickie. The hardest part will be just getting your butt to the start. 2 years ago I ran a half marathon and race morning was 45 degrees and POURING rain. In fact, it poured all day & night the day before too and I was really just dreading the race. I'd hoped to beat a PR I ran 2 weeks before by a little but given the conditions, finishing w/o slipping and falling would be good.

I wore a hat to keep the water our of my eyes and a big long garbage bag (60gal) at the start to keep me warm and keep the rain off of me and my shoes for as long as possible. I still wore my regular running outfit (tank top/shorts/gloves) but put extra body glide on. If you have a tendency to get blisters, put some body glide on your feet and between toes and make sure no cotton socks.

On the way to the race, we got into a little fender bender, which bummed me out even more. By the time the gun went off though, the rain had slowed to just showers. I warmed up enough to take off the garbage bag by mile 2 (just had my arms poking out of it while running) and found the damp conditions quite refreshing to run in.

The only hairy part of the course was a muddy stretch through a soccer field near the finish. I ended up with my 2nd best HM time by a minute and laughed at myself for having thought this race was going to really suck.

You are going to do just fine!!!

PS - Sorry this got so long.

Lesser is More said...

Its only a 40 percent chance of rain, and it will improve as the morning wears on. Enjoy the sights!

*jeanne* said...

What pace you think you'll be trying for?



Dawn - Pink Chick said...


TxSkatemom said...

have a blast and enjoy the puddles!