Monday, March 26, 2007

Running tops with pockets

I'm finding it difficult to find running race shirts that I like that include pockets, since now I want to minimize and don't want to carry my stuff in a race belt.

My criteria are these:

1) POCKETS. Preferably more than one.
2) Good shoulder coverage (not a shimmel or tank top, no built-in bra).
3) Excellent wicking fabric
4) Medium colors (I don't like when whites/pastels turn transparent).
5) Bonus: hip-length shirttail cut with a little looseness (no midriff-baring or tight tri-tops). Cut for women, not tight around my hips/under my stomach.

I have one or two sleeveless cycling jerseys that are almost right, but they're a little hot to run in and not cut right (the armholes chafe). Tri-jerseys made for swimming often don't seem to work well for me. The running products that I've found that fit the description seem to be quite expensive (over $40 for a shirt).

Who has some product recommendations/links for me? I can't find exactly what I want on (although these 3 are close, I either don't like the colors or price) or or I did, however, just order these two from Performance Bikes - but I won't know if the fabric or cut is right until I try them out, and they probably will fail criterion #5. I'm sure they'll be okay for cycling, but running is another question.

Update! Thanks for the recommendations and links, folks! I tried looking up them all. I finally ordered this one in blue from Title Nine - less coverage than I would like, but it has two back pockets and at least it's not pastel aqua or lavender.


Tania said...

Dear Nancy, excellent blog. I just was looking one friend blog and then I click on next blog button and I get into your blog. A big chance because, I am cyclist too, I began with duathlon, but now I am just with my bike. I like workout a lot, so I just want to let you know that continue in your way.
Tania (27 years old)
Spain, Madrid.

Nancy Toby said...

Thank you, Tania!!!

triathlonmom said...

i have a champion hot pink top from Target that I like. It was under $10 (on sale)...I think it meets most of your criteria. There is only one pocket though -- side with zipper. and it looks similar to the ones you is not excactly short guess it is more sleeveless...But definately not a tank.
I think this is it:

21stcenturymom said...

There is this one at Sportsbasement for 20 bucks:

It's a Tri top with a pocket. They have it in XS and XL which probably makes it a bust. Maybe someone else carries it, though.

Andra Sue said...

FWIW, I really like the women's tri and cycling shirts from Craft. Very soft and comfy (and with pockets)...good to run in even without swimming first. :) You can get 'em at any of the major online tri retailers...

TxSkatemom said...

my hotel here in Denver is about three blocks from the bricks/mortar Title Nine store -- I am so going shopping there before I leave this week! I will check those out, along with about seventeen other things that have been on my wish list from them for forever!

Laura said...

Hi Nancy,
I hit the jackpot when I came across your blog in my search for running shirts with pockets. Your criteria are the same as mine. Why doesn't everyone make them? Duh. Who wants to run with a pack? I'm checking out all of your suggestions as well as the others. Thanks so much!
Laura (45 and second time marathoner)
Salt Lake City