Friday, April 22, 2005


I talk to myself all the time. We all do. Usually my lips don't move, thankfully. I especially do this during workouts. I commented about this on Wil's great blog, and she said it bore repeating, so here it is:

I've learned that positive self-talk is critical. I can talk myself into something, or out of it, pretty readily.

The content of what I say to myself MATTERS, and I have the ability to control that internal dialogue. It affects what I do or don't do. So I have learned to use it as a tool, to positively influence my workouts and level of effort. Putting it another way, tell yourself you can or you can't, and either way you're probably right.

I think that I learned (or re-learned) that from my dear friend Kathy F., the intrepid cancer survivor and auntie to my girls (among other things). Thanks, Kathy. As always, you rock.

Totally unrelated fun link of the day: Terra-server USA. It's fun to look up places you used to live, or browse through the satellite images of famous places. However, it's a little unnerving to see that practically anyone can tell the color and model of the car sitting outside your house from a satellite photo. Of course, they can also do that by simply driving past your house, but still....


Wil said...

Yes! This quote rocks and I'm so glad you re-said and re-posted it!

Meagan said...

Nancy, I totally agree about the psychological aspects of the sport! It is so easy to talk yourself out of things..

If you are mentally prepared, that's 90% of the battle in this life we call endurance sport.

Adam said...

Way to go! Keep the positive attitude going! It worked for me at mile 12 of the half marathon I did last week. It WILL work for you!

frolicking filly said...

yep, totally agree, the Mind is a powerful tool!

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