Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another day, another stroller walk

The girls. Just got back from another babyjogger trip to the park with the girls for another 2.8-mile walk. And of course stop for swings and slide time. Wooo, we've had our two days of spring, now it's summer and 82*F! I forgot the sunscreen and little Elisabeth's legs were getting pink. I'm a Bad Mom.

Tri stuff. I was testing out my new item of triathlon gear: Locklaces. I'm turning into such a tri-gearhead! I should have gotten these ages ago, though. They're incredibly comfortable, and better yet, once you pull your shoes ON, you're DONE! Off you go! That would have saved me two interminable shoe-retying stops at the Richmond Marathon last fall! I think I could probably buy thin bungee cord and get the same effect as this $6 set of laces, though. I used the excess bungee on Catherine's little tennis shoes that she always decides to untie. Now she's got ghetto slippers and can't hang herself with her shoelaces if she gets arrested and thrown in toddler jail.

Less than TWO WEEKS until my first little triathlon of the season! It's the Fifth Annual Cure Autism Now Duathlon / Triathlon in Bethesda, Maryland on April 17th. It's a 500-yard pool swim (10 laps), then 10 mile bike (3 laps of the National Institutes of Health campus), finishing with a 2.5-mile run. I got my notice that I swim in wave 2, at 0720. After packet pickup at 0600. *Yawn*. It's quite informal - transitions are not timed, it's really just 3 time trials - but it's a nice warmup and gear check to start the season.

Blog stuff. I was adding this blog to some blogrings last night, to generate a little more traffic. One was ~~Mom writers~~. But maybe I won't fit in there. They say: "No profanity, please. Clean blogs only." WTF? I know I'm really new at this being-a-mom stuff, and maybe I missed that part in the Mom Instruction Manual (mainly because I didn't get one), but I thought that I qualified by HAVING a child. I didn't realize I was supposed to BE a child. I'm so confused....


Wil said...

OMG I laughed out loud the whole way through this, you're hilarious!!

I've heard about those lock laces, have to check them out! Thanks for the tip!

runr53 said...

Nancy, A number of years back someone taught me or I read somewhere a technique for laces that I now use on all my shoes. when you take a turn around the loop just add another turn, then form your other loop as usual, I think this tip was in RW, I like it because the knot can be almost fallng off and if it is double turned it won't come undone!