Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bike disorders

Spent a while this morning troubleshooting some bike problems that cropped up yesterday.

Problem 1. I snapped off the top of the Presta valve on the back tire while pumping it up. Fortunately it held the air that I had just put in, enough for me to complete a 10-mile ride last night. As soon as I re-checked it today, big WHOOOSH! And flat.
Problem 2. The bike computer that I just bought with the bike at the end of February isn't working. The speed sensor on the front tire isn't being picked up at all. But the cadence sensor IS working.
Problem 3. The new saddle and helmet that I ordered on sale hasn't arrived.

Fortunately I didn't have all the problems that VJ is experiencing! Thanks to the Bike Maintenance Class that I took recently, I was able to solve one of the problems.

Problem 1 solved: I changed the back tire tube. While it took me about 20 minutes to do the job, I could probably whittle that down to a speedy 18 or 19 minutes if I had to do it on a triathlon course now. ;-) Hopefully the tri-gods will smile on me and that won't happen, though.

Problem 2 unsolved: I re-adjusted the front wheel sensors and wiring about six different times, with no joy. I need to take the bike back into the shop for a checkup and general free adjustments before the Columbia Triathlon on May 22nd anyway - so I'll have them fix or replace the bike computer then. Eeek, 24 days away! I'll try to do that on Saturday, maybe.

Problem 3 unsolved: After much research, including a phone call to the vendor, I couldn't find evidence of the order I thought I placed anywhere. I'm not sure where I lost it, but now the items I thought I ordered are no longer on sale. :-( Perhaps I'll see if I can get by with my current equipment a while longer.

The nice thing about running (compared to biking or swimming) is that it's so simple: all you need is shoes. And some crazy people not even those!


Oldman said...

My speedo gets tempermental from time to time. I have to remove the unit from it's handlebar mount, making sure the contacts are clean and then re-attach it.

Flatman said...

Whoa, why are you hanging your SPEEDO (read swimsuit) from your handlebars big fella? You need to put that bad boy back on!

LouBob said...

What about your poor butt?

nancytoby said...

LOL! I am using my old, more comfortable women's bike saddle on my new bike now. It's working OK, not perfect, but MUCH better than the man's saddle that the bike came equipped with. No temperamental Speedos on my bike! ;)

Comm's said...

I totally took Oldmans post the wrong way..that was just sick. Be carefull with your shorthand for my sanity.

Okay just read flatman and he did to, I feel not quite so strange now.

Okay loubob officially confirms that Oldman must now type every word completely.

Now my two cents. The stem on Lucille is too short and the angle makes me wish I had a squishy gel seat, but the LBS called and the longer stem will be put on today. 18 minutes to change a tire officially puts you in the NASCAR pit crews catagory compared to me. Well not really, but I spent the extra money for gator-side tires and thicker tubes, never had a flat-ever. (Oh crap...I just jinxed myself) Note to Oldman: that means I just...oh never mind.

Vertical Man said...

Hey, congratulations! You're one up on me. I've never changed a bkie tire and live in mortal fear of a flat midway through a tri. I've seen it done, been through several classes on it even, but my techno-mechano-phobia always rears its ugly head at the worst times.