Wednesday, April 13, 2005


That's the sound of a Happy Crotch. :) YES, the old comfortable bike saddle worked perfectly on Buttercup when I took her out for a spin tonight. YAY! YAY! YAY! I did order a new one on sale at Performance Bicycle today, along with a new red helmet, but I think the old comfortable saddle is going to work great too on either my old bike trainer bike or Buttercup.

I got in 12.1 miles on the W&OD Trail and despite several stops and hordes of people and dogs and children on the trail, I averaged 13.2 mph. The best part was when I found myself actually exceeding 16 mph going UPHILL at one point. Granted, it was not a steep hill, but still. Or maybe the best part was when I received my second "Nice bike!" comment at a stop light. Or maybe the best part was when I got off and it didn't feel like I had been sitting on razorblades the whole ride.

It was a Great Ride, in any event. I'm feeling fairly well-prepared for my sprint triathlon on Sunday! Tomorrow I work on my Triathlon Packing List.


Wil said...

Wow! That's crazy MPH for uphill! Way to go woman! And your opening line had me cracking up through your whole post. Hilarious! Good luck on Sunday, you're going to be awesome! Take lots of pics if you can!

runr53 said...

Happy Crotches, oh wow, I thought I was reading a blog about running, hehe!! Too Funny! Good Luck!!

frolicking filly said...

have enjoyed reading your blogs, good luck this weekend!

Flatman said...

I didn't know that happy crotches actually made sounds...but if you say so :o) I am glad that you got your comfort issue resolved. There is nothing quite as disturbing as being uncomfortable for say, 50 miles. Maybe the new saddle on order will be even better!

Shelley said...

Been there done that!!! Glad to hear everyone's happy...LOL
I just love Buttercup!!