Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pre-race jitters, anyone?

My friend *jeanne* (remember her?) is having a little case of the pre-race jitters before the New Jersey Marathon this coming weekend. She says, and I quote verbatim:
"I am currently in the state of abject I CANNOT Do A Marathon This Weekend Terror. Everything hurts. Everything is twitching and pinging and twingeing and aching ... DNF DNF DNF ... downpours sunstroke heartattackstressfracture SWEEPWAGONSTERROR"
Why does this sound so familiar to me!?

Actually, she is an experienced runner and a very competent marathoner (as well as lots of fun) so (after I finished laughing at her) I told her: "YOU. WILL. BE. FINE."

Maybe it's just because she's from New Jersey originally?

Any other words of wisdom for her, other than "Be sure to tie your shoelaces"?


Flatman said...

Tell her to just have fun. If she has comleted a marathon before, she can finish this one as well. No pressure...

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Tell her the rest of her penguin friends are running beside her in spirit and all of us are wearing our pink Tiara's. Print a copy of our group pic and pin it inside her bib number that way we really are there with her.

*jeanne* said...

Talkin' to myself here...

Just listen to your body.

Be willing to change your strategy race morning, or DURING the race, if the situation changes.


Finish the same day you start. Wear a hat. Hydrate. Fuel early and often. Keep your face off the pavement. Have fun.


Thanks, me!

(Can I stay home, instead?)
(Who just said that?)