Thursday, April 14, 2005

Catherine's gift

Another Proud Mom story. Skip if you're easily bored, or grossed out.

I come into the living room where Catherine has been playing in the big pen (a huge corral of gates we made for the girls). She has been lying on the carpet playing with toys. She stands up when she sees me to bring over to me some little morsel which she has picked off the carpet, and delivers into my palm with great dexterity her gift.

[Me]: "Oh, thank you, Catherine!"

I stare at the little green gooey thing in my palm.

[Me]: "Um, where did you find that, Catherine? Was it in your nose?"

Catherine points at her nose, smiles proudly, and toddles away.

(Me, thinking: It could have been worse. It could have been from Elisabeth's nose, instead.)


Flatman said...

God, it's scary, but I can totally relate. Hopefully we are past most of the gross stuff by now (my son just turned 5). Have fun, becuase they grow up fast! Mine will be starting school in August...

LouBob said...

AWWWWH how cute! And to think she SHARED it with YOU!

mid-pack mom said...

i kinda miss those days. My 2 girls are in school now. But it's so nice when they're independent, too. Mixed feelings. Cute story...!