Friday, April 15, 2005

Congratulations Shelley!

Today announced the winners of the lottery for entry into the Ironman World Championship in KONA. And whose name should appear on the list but fellow TRI-DRS member, Tri Blog Alliance member extraordinaire, and 2005 Boston Marathon runner, Shelley, aka IRONM4N! (In fact, she may not even know of her good fortune yet, since she's currently on her way traveling to Boston).


And good luck on Monday in your first training race for KONA!

Some people have all the luck (and commitment, and effort, and talent). :)


Flatman said...

Holy Cow! That is awesome...congratulations Shelley!!! You might want to take your bike to Boston and get a quick 112 miles in before the marathon just to practice.

Wil said...

YEAH!! I bet she doesn't know she won! OMG, I'm totally freaking out for her, she's going to lose her mind! Thanks for the info!

White Salamander said...

:Frowing with outrageous jealousy!