Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I can't believe what I just read

drowning"So what if Wil and Nancy drown?", said Rett, the White Salamander, over at Zack's Shack. On Wil's birthday, even, of all days. (Happy birthday, by the way, Wil).

*choked sob*

Then he tried to backpedal with "Oh, wait I guess I would miss reading their blogs."

It's a good thing I'm a careful reader. I just hope that we don't ever swim in the same wave one day. Or that I swim in a wave in front of him, when I'm bound to still be in the water long after he exits. After swimming at a freakishly high rate of speed over my sad bloated corpse.

I think I may have to take this one up with the Kahuna (after his return from Wildflower - good luck!). Maybe even file a formal diplomatic protest at the General Assembly of the Tri Blog Alliance. Or shall I defend our honor and counter this grievous affront by calling him out for derringers at twenty paces?

Or perhaps we should just take it on over to Googlefight and duke it out, mano a mano. (Hint: go over there and type in Nancy vs. Rett.)


White Salamander said...

LOL! I recant! I recant!

Flatman said...

You want me to rough him up for you???

Wil said...

You're not gonna believe this but I JUST found this post! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I totally missed his comment ;) Thanks for calling him out! Silly Salamander :)