Thursday, April 21, 2005

Grrrls ride caboose to caboose

bikergirlsYesterday I went on a lovely bike ride along the W&OD Trail with my triathlete friend Holly. It was perfect weather and a perfect outing! Holly picked me up at the Bluemont caboose after cycling all the way to work in DC and back, and then we went up the trail to the Vienna caboose to pick up her friend Keri, and then they did the return trip to Bluemont with me. The weather was gorgeous and it was SO fun to have some cycling companions to ride with! On the way back I played Tail End Charlie and drafted and coasted the whole way, so I hardly feel justified putting the whole 23 miles on my training log.

At one point we passed a field of boys playing soccer and they let a couple of the soccer balls roll across the trail. Buttercup got her dander up, took on the challenge, maneuvered her front tire squarely behind one of the balls and *pop* shot it cleanly forward about 50 yards. If we had been on the soccer field, I'm sure she would have scored a goal! She is quite a multi-talented athlete, indeed!

It was great to see Holly and get some triathlon fashion advice from an experienced competitor. She was wearing the coolest Bike Virginia jersey - I want one! She's a seasoned cyclist - I was very envious when she did the Tour de Alps last year. I was hoping to do the Columbia Triathlon next month with her, but she's going to be starting treatments for her recently-diagnosed melanoma and may not be feeling well enough to race. :( She has such a fantastic attitude and has an amazingly strong spirit, I know she's going to beat this thing! I hope she starts a blog to keep us all updated on how things are going! Holly, I know you're listening! Good luck next weekend!

My girls. Elisabeth is starting to toddle like a champ now - 8 to 10 feet at a stretch! What's wonderful to watch is how incredibly proud she is of her accomplishments - her elfin smile will light up the whole room. Catherine is working on saying new words (verbally or in sign language) just about every day. Yesterday Steve was wearing a shirt with a Kliban cat on it and she made the "cat" sign at him - stroking her whiskers. This coming weekend they get to visit with Grandfather Toby and show off their accomplishments while I figure out how to cook their first Passover meal. This should be interesting! And no, it's not going to be kosher - that's just too much work!


LouBob said...

So what DOES one cook for Passover? I'm curious.

nancytoby said...

Beats me! I was raised Protestant! But actually, most stuff that doesn't have grain products (or pork!) is okay to serve. I'm probably going to do something simple like grilling steaks and baked potatoes. Lots of info on the web on Passover, for example

Comm's said...

I knew you got the Felt but didn't know you named her. What a great name. My friend at sells a lot of Felt out of his store and they are beautifully shaped and well crafted.

You are very blessed to have this bike.