Tuesday, April 19, 2005

CAN Triathlon timing results

Finally (two days late) I found this:
381 KW24017 Nancy Toby T 0:17:10 0:38:44 0:28:22 1:24:16

I guess, sorting through all my available data, it means:
Swim 500 yards (plus pool transit time plus my few laps extra): 17:10
(Swim watch time for my first 10 laps: 12:32)
T1: 6:23 (by my watch, not counted officially)
Bike 10+ miles: 38:44
T2: 4:54 (by my watch, not counted officially)
Run 2.5 miles: 28:22
Total Swim + Bike + Run: 1:24:16
Total with transitions: ~1:35

Swim pace: 2:30.4/100 yards (uh, for those first 10 laps)
Bike pace: 15.49 mph
Run pace: 11:20 min/mile
Transitions: sluglike

I'm just recording this here so that I can see how I compare in my next triathlon on May 22nd. Naturally, I'd like to see some improvement as my season progresses! No sorted data or rankings available yet to see how I compared last Sunday with others in my age group, not that it really matters.


Flatman said...

I think this is a great start to the season. Have you practiced going faster through your transitions? I have always thought about setting up mock transitions just to practice! Haven't done it yet...

nancytoby said...

Good question! I didn't really practice them in real life - I just went through them mentally the night before when I was trying to go to sleep. For three hours or more... :( I should have just done them a time or two when I had all my gear together, it's true.

Wil said...

Hey! That looks pretty good - and great idea to record the stats. Check out the training log on beginnertriathlete.com if you haven't already - it's one of the best ones I've found (that's free!).

Comm's said...

Ahh, it always good to put your number out in the blogesphere. It an affirmation to your success no matter the way you 'feel' about it.

There will be many days that you won't be able to run a marathon,
but then you'll remember the day you did and it makes your life worthwhile and little bit more motivating.

Oldman said...

It only gets better from here! Now learn from what you did and practice your transitions when you do bricks.