Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ocean City results up!

I believe that we have 3 PRs out of 3 runners!

My chip time was a 5-second PR!!! Yay!! 2:26:33. 11:11 min/mile pace, 186/223 women (83%), 13/16 women 45-49 (81%).

5 seconds faster than the B&A Trail Half Marathon at which they paced me just 5 weeks ago, when it felt like I was dying for the last 3 miles trying to get to that finish line. This race was much more comfortable - I guess this training stuff really works, eh?

So PRs all around for my training buddies Dave (1:45:07) and Chuck (1:54:54), and ME!! I guess we do some of our best running on the thin edge of hypothermia.

Now the challenge is on for me and David in 2 weeks, to see how much either of us can beat our PR on the flattest course around. Let's just hope the wind is from the southwest. And no snow, please. Chuck is going off to do some silly triathlon thing or 'nother....

This is what the race result calculator predicts for me now:
5K 0:31:33
5M 0:52:05
10K 1:06:05
10M 1:49:06
Half Marathon 2:26:33
Marathon 5:06:56

Hmm. I've beaten that 10 mile and 10K time. Haven't done any 5K nor 5 mile races in a while, but I'm pretty sure that I could beat those times now. I'm always slower than the prediction the longer the distance. But the main thing is that it shows I definitely have some work yet to do before I can run a sub-5-hour marathon. I need to get that half marathon time down below 2:23 or thereabouts to have a real hope of a sub-5 marathon finish. Below 2:20 would be better. OK, the challenge is on for this summer's training!


TriFeist said...

Damn, girl you are moving up the ranks. Great job! It must feel fantastic to see all your hard work pay off.


IM Able said...

With such challenging conditions, you should be extra proud!

jeanne said...

training works? WHO KNEW?!?! You're giving me hope! Great job!

21stCenturyMom said...

PR!! Congratulations. That training stuff is serving you really well!

Bigun said...

Hey, what happened, I don't see the Bradenton 101 on your schedule?

nancytoby said...

Ack! I really wanted to do a 101 race this year, but I just couldn't schedule it!!! I'm definitely going to do one next year.

Robin said...

Congrats on your PR, it must feel great to do something comfortably *and* faster than what you could do before, especially in cold weather!

Julia said...

Yeah, that training thingy really is working out for you ;-)

nancytoby said...

Actually I think it's weight loss as much as anything - my mileage for the year is 48 less than last time this year!! I'm running harder on my midweek runs and cut out walk breaks, though, that has definitely helped my pace. Probably the cycling over the last year helped a little too.

Ellie said...

You go! This is awesome!