Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend in Ocean City

It was a great view from our hotel room down onto the boardwalk - but deserted because it's about 30 degrees outside.

The girls enjoyed exploring the hotel amenities, including trying to crack the room safe.

They also enjoyed several restaurant meals, and even behaved, mostly.

When they didn't have too many sips of Dad's beer, that is.

The Easter bunny even came to our hotel room!

Yum, yum! The ears are the tastiest part.

We tried flying our Dora the Explorer kite, but the wind was too gusty and uncertain for much in the way of consistent results.

Yes, it was cold all weekend! Grandpa came along and here we all are on the boardwalk with the girls, taking a chilly stroll.

The biggest surprise of the weekend (outside of an April snowstorm) was a very tame fox that lives next to the Ocean City boardwalk and seems not the least disturbed by pedestrians who stop to take his photo!


Shelley said...

Looks cold, but nice..looks like your girls have a future in safe cracking!! LOL

Comm's said...

well theres those photos. Looks great. What an awesome 'wildlife' photo.

*jeanne* said...

YAY for you! Yay for you! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY !!!!!!!

You did a WONDERFUL half in miserable conditions on Easter weekend and still had an Easter celebration with the family!! And fun pictures, too!! Wonder Woman! :-)

rachel said...

that's one smart easter bunny!

Ellie said...

Love the pictures! Love the fox!