Sunday, April 29, 2007

Riding intervals

My training buddies were all over in Columbia, Maryland today doing some hill training at a "brick-n-pic" workout with a bunch of local triathletes all training for the Columbia Triathlon in 3 weeks. It didn't work out for me to accompany them, unfortunately, although I could really use the hill training they'll be getting today!

Ack, that's coming up fast! While I've gotten some good results from concentrating on my running so far this year, I feel like my cycling and swimming are way, way behind where I was last year. I don't have hills nearby to train on, but I was able to get Buttercup out on the roads for some 26 miles of interval work. Here's what it looked like - every 2 miles I did a quarter-mile pickup in the cadence and pushed the intensity. That got me 10 good little bursts of intensity, with a bonus right at the end!

Uh, that first little dip in the speed at the beginning was where I fell over while clipped in again today while stopping for a stop sign before turning onto the busy highway through town. Good thing there wasn't a car behind me. Sigh. I hope that's my only clipped-in-fall for 2007, in the books. And I hope my legs confuse interval training with hill work.


21stCenturyMom said...

Nice work!

I dropped my bike the other day (for the first time!) doing the old "clip out right, lean left" maneuver. I hate that one. I hope it is my only fall for 2007, too (yeah, sure).

Ellie said...

I hate when that happens.

But it sounds like it was a productive ride otherwise! Nice job!