Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Creeping pox

Actually "Fort Hill Creeping Phlox". This is what else I did last weekend, set these guys in the ground. Just wanted to get a photo while they still survived.


Ellie said...

Pretty! I love phlox.

21stCenturyMom said...

I just realized yesterday that the best thing about not training for a big endurance event is that I will have more energy to garden - or so goes the theory.

rachel said...

the tag cracked me up. : )

I remember when I first started university and wanted some little green plant thingy. I went to the local plant store and asked for something hardy that required little care. The plant guy gave me a tiny 2" high aloe plant. I asked him with some trepidation if he had anything a bit more established, that had a batter hold on life, that wouldn't die quite so quick maybe. He glared at me and said "young lady, if you kill an aloe plant don't you ever buy another plant."
I very meekly took my 2" aloe plant and somehow it's still alive 17 years later. Not sure how though..