Monday, April 16, 2007

Good girl!

My daughter Elisabeth is standing in front of the TV right now with the Boston marathon on, in her
diaper and nothing else, pretending to run.

Then she made the "swimming" sign to me.

She wants to be a triathlete, not merely a runner!!

Go go go Boston runners! Also, don't forget, those of you at work today looking for a distraction, that the Tour of Georgia live webcast begins today, at 12:30 eastern time, I believe.


Shelley said...

yes...atta girl..she's picking the right sport!! :-))

Fe-lady said...

The Apple doesn't fall far...(or should I say "apples"?)

rachel said...

a few more years. up in seattle they had a tri for the itty bitty kids, I think it was for 4-7 or something like that. parents could do the entire race with them if the child wanted them but most of the kids did fine with mom/pop moving along the sidelines; and of course it wasn't very long but they got to do all 3 events (one little tyke did the bicycle portion on his tricycle).